If you are a car lover and travel frequently to the remote areas then you might face problem of your car break down and as you are in remote areas where you are not able to identify any repair shop or mechanic nearby then what you will do? So here we have an excellent solution for it that is FIXD Car Monitor. The Fixd Car Health Monitor is the auto monitor that comes with car diagnostic app which will tell you “How to Fix a Car Problem?”

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FIXD is a car monitoring system that is manufactured by FIXD automotive. FIXD is a car monitoring device that monitors the condition of your car and gives you an exact information and sign about your car health. Here you can check its features, work, functions as well as benefits and specifications.

What is FIXD?

  • FIXD is an innovative smart device that is Active Car Health Monitor. FIXD is a combination of hardware and software car monitoring technology that has FIXD sensor connected to your car and FIXD App installed on your smartphone that gives you cautioning signs.
  • The device converts the mechanical as well as technical data or information into simple and understandable English Language.
  • The FIXD device helps the driver to understand and carry on with the shape of the vehicles in accurate manner.

FIXD: Work and Function

  • Plug on the FIXD sensor to OBD 2 scanner port of your vehicle located below the steering wheel or glove box. The sensor receives the data about your car health which is then forwarded to the app installed on your smartphone.
  • Connect the sensor with the Bluetooth, you will get the notification about the sensor code that shows you have connected with the sensor.
  • Whenever there is any problem occurs in a car you will find the engine light will turned on. From FIXD app you will get the list of all the problems detected along with its severe as well as adverse effects on your car functioning.
  • FIXD has the ability to detect nearby 6,800 problems in your car.

FIXD: Features

Coming to its features, the FIXD offers you lots of features that you can check here:

  • All you have to plug the sensor into your car and it is ready to work.
  • Sleek and Simple to use, no knowledge requires to run the app.
  • Fixd send you the notification about the problems and maintenance required.
  • Translates the mechanical problem into an English language.
  • Gives you an understanding about the whole working of your car, and send warning to you about its adverse effects.

FIXD: Advantages

The device offers various advantages to the owner. Here we have listed few advantages here

  • Translate all the mechanical and technical problem into English language in the simple words.
  • Remind you about the maintenance checks.
  • Send notification about the specified mileage achieved.
  • It has the ability to judge and diagnose nearly 6800 problems present in your car.

Fixd helped me

Now here you can check the various ways that FIXD helped us. You can also check car engine health via vehicle diagnostic app and OBD II Sensor.

  • Finally diagnose my own car for far less than I was charged at the dealer.
  • Go to a mechanic armed with some knowledge of the problem.
  • Make sense of all those check engine lights that always pop up at the worst time.

When you choose to use Fixd, you’ll get access to:


Engine light information and know what type of repair is needed.

Maintenance timeline that tells you when service is due.

Mileage detection that works to tell you of potential maintenance needs based on mileage.

Vehicle history that keeps an in-depth, running log of your vehicle’s history.

Continuous monitoring that alerts you when Fixd detects a problem.

Multi-vehicle control to properly monitor your vehicle’s needs.

Final verdict

Travelers who frequently go for appointments and travels a lot must purchase this device. Fixd not only helps you in identifying your car problems but it also recommends you and fixes all your car problems and remind you about overdue maintenance. The device will give you an indication about your car’s overall performance. The device basically converts the vehicle into a smart car.